Montag, 25. Dezember 2017

The most expensive FDM 3D printing nozzle in the world !

ColorFabb offers a specially hardened nozzle for printing very abrasive FDM materials such as carbon fiber infused filaments or other f.e. metal infused filaments. Those materials tend to grind the nozzle, therefor changing it´s diameter and clogging the nozzle due to scratches in the surface of the tip and the inner nozzlebore.
Ruby tipped nozzle from Olsson/Sweden. Available in 1.75mm and 2.85mm
Olsson/Sweden now presents a brass nozzle with 0.4mm and a ruby tip. That should withstand almost any abrasive usage the manufacturer claims. Colorfabb has developed a carbon infused filament called PA-CF ( Polyamide f.i. KEVLAR from Dupont etc/ 260°C hotend & 50°C heated bed) that is claimed to print nearly warp free even on non heated or lightly heated buildplatforms.
Colorfabb has bundled its newly formulated high strenght filament (2.2Kg) with an Olsson Ruby tip that sell for 146€ plus local tax.

The filament has a nice Kevlar look, the mechanical properties according to Colorfabb:

PA CF printing sample. Source: Colorfabb
"This tailormade formulation of polyamide features the mechanical properties of a PA6. Tensile strength was measured at 77,99 MPa and impact strength (notched) was measured at 5,44KJ/m2, test specimens both printed on Ultimaker 2+, 260C 0.1mm layerheight with 100% infill."

Special deal, say you saw it on

Think there are more exclusive or more expensive nozzles out there? Just let me know and comment!

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