Sonntag, 2. Februar 2014

Get your own Deltabot for only 95 $!!!

No trick, no joke! You can get a fully functional deltabot for as low as 95 US$ !!
Well, it may not have been the intension of the makers who bring us this fantastic Delta Robot kit - but hey - who were we if we would not hack this thing a little bit?
First things first ( I seem to be too exited about this offer..):
Mark and Sarah have launched a Kickstarter campaign that displays a Delta Robot with a overhead mechanism, using servos and being controlled by an arduino compliant microprocessor (ATMega 328).
Very nice! But guys you did forget the HOTEND
The firmware will handle the Delta cinematics and allow you to customize it.
Now the genuie idea of Mark and Sarah was to build a Delta Robot Army for some - hmm unknown - purpose.
WE Delta printer fans know what the only reasonable purpose of this baby can be - making 3D prints !
All you need to do is to exchange the effector with it´s useless LED top (sorry Mark and Sarah, forgive me on that) and replace it with a hotend!
The 95$ Delta 3D Printer - err -Robot Kit.
Now the upside down setup of the Delta Robot is also no issue - WE Delta fans know that Delta printer can print upside down, even on a ceiling as print bed! 
...this just in case if you are too lazy to build some structure that will hold the upside down Delta Robot - well upside down.
The controllerboard for the Delta printer/robot. Can be replaced with your Arduino!
Well, I guess you got my point: With minimal means you can turn this 95 $ Delta Robot Kit into a <150 $ Delta printer!
Did I mention, that in my recent book on 3D printers: "Business & Technology", I expected the overhead deltabot design a bright future, because the partcount and the costs of the parts are much lower than the traditional design that we still have?
Anyway, Mark and Sarah probably read it, if not they are definitly on the right track. and if I come by at Las Vegas I will take the invitation and pay them a visit. For now: Ask Grandma, sell those rare baseball cards, cancel your wedding next week AND GO GET THIS FANTASTIC KICKSTARTER PACKAGE!

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